At a time when Australians are being asked to consider a Voice to Parliament, many business leaders and their organisations would like to engage more deeply with Indigenous people and communities, but don’t have an avenue.

Enter The Tjungu Project. An immersive experience on country where participants have the opportunity to connect with and learn about Indigenous culture with communities in Central Australia.

The Tjungu Project camp is located on the Jingo family’s homeland – an Indigenous Protected Area two hours drive from Uluru. The essence of the program is to immerse a group of no more than 14 people with the family. Members of the family share their stories and the significance of the country around them and which they care for.

Visitors are well prepared by the Tjungu team so that they feel comfortable to become part of life and culture of the Jingo family. They can then best comprehend what they experience, see and hear in this family setting, which is typically very different from their own. This allows visitors to truly connect with the power of the culture and country around them by disconnecting from the distractions of a busy schedule, being in an incredible place, and meeting some amazing people.

Senior executive staff from major Australian companies have recently enjoyed a visit staying with the Jingo family, and the testimonials from both are compelling:

“Such an experience is difficult to describe in words as it touched each of us on a very deep and special level. The generosity, warmth, trust and beautiful humanity in the way the family shared their proud story with us was both deeply humbling and inspiring. Each of us now carry a profound respect and responsibility towards Aṉangu that will remain a precious part of each of us. There are no words in our language that can express the gratitude and the way our hearts, minds and souls were moved by our experience.”

Matt Foster, General Manager, Mars Inc

“Tjungu is important to me for keeping our culture alive and for the strong passing of knowledge from generation to generation for our future.”

Nyinku Jingo, Anangu Elder

Participating in a Tjungu Experience helps strengthen your organisation’s reconciliation efforts and affirm its ESG priorities. It is also designed to support the development of your leaders and to strengthen your vision, values and strategies.

Click here for an open letter from the founders inviting you to participate in a Tjungu Experience. For more information, please contact Mitch Brown, CEO, The Tjungu Project, on 0424 161 171, email or visit