Business Support and Shared Services

Employer Services

Regardless of the size of the organisation, every company needs white collar support staff, in roles ranging from administrative staff, secretaries, receptionists, book-keepers and accountants to HR personnel, marketing and sales people, IT other specialist roles. Slade Group has a team of specialist permanent recruitment consultants who cater to an array of industry sectors. Our account managers and consultants undertake specific responsibilities to ensure that the requirements of both candidates and clients are met.

Our Business Support team keeps abreast of current trends and has an intimate understanding of the marketplace. We endeavour to know our candidates, we read between the lines, probe, question, and identify the right candidate for the right job. We ensure a high level of alignment in the required skills and in the cultural fit, for both candidates and clients.

We also have a dedicated contracting services division which provides clients with the most suitably qualified professionals for short and long term projects. This service focuses predominantly on the professional services sector, specifically IT, Marketing and Finance.

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