Why Work for Us

About Us

Slade Group is passionate about the recruitment industry. We are a company that values team effort and professional standards, and these factors ensure that we remain at the forefront of the human resources and recruitment industries.

We invest considerable time and capital to continually develop our people, their technical skills, our processes and procedures. Our recruitment consultants have the established credentials, proven performance and dedication to represent the company.

Article image: Why do I stay and enjoy recruitment
Article image: Why do I stay and enjoy recruitment

This in turn provides our clients with demonstrated industry, functional and recruitment experience, enhanced by the company’s reputation within specific industries, backed-up by a high level of customer service from these key staff members.

Slade Group approach the appointment of each consultant on an individual basis, and tailors the qualifications and personal qualities required for each specific sector and role accordingly.

We look for initiative, flexibility, commitment and problem-solving competencies.

There is a real opportunity to progress your career without the boundaries of other firms which will allow your own style to show through. We support you to grow your local brand by encouraging you to attend networking events, hosting boardroom lunches/breakfasts/drinks; joining industry associations and contributing to our companies branding. 

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The Culture at Slade

“Slade Group has a strong history of fostering growth within their employees, of which, l’ve been very lucky to personally benefit from. Slade has a collegiate and collaborative culture, in which everyone is looking out for everyone else. Help is always just around the corner. Slade celebrate wins and recognise our people’s success; they are proud of what we do. The business adapts the ‘traditional’ work environment to the needs of the staff, e.g., working remotely, altered hours, etc. This shows an inherent trust that Slade Group has in its staff and that, I feel is hard to come by in a lot of places. I personally feel appreciated, supported, and understood in the workplace; these are three things that are important to me when looking at a perspective employer. Without these, it becomes a very transitional relationship that does not bring about opportunities for growth and further development. After 9 years, I continue to choose Slade Group each and every day, as they have allowed me to go from a Temp Assistant to Operations Manager (and a slew of other roles in between). The opportunities I have been presented during my tenure have allowed me to experience so much more in this organisation then I would have anywhere else. Why do I love Slade Group? They are my family and the let me be unabashedly who I am and love me for it.”

Candice Lewis


“When reflecting on what has kept me at Slade Group for the last four years through some very tough times, and the more recent increase in demand (and inevitable approaches from numerous other recruitment businesses), I’ll try to keep it brief:

  • A genuine level of care, for our clients and our people
  • Being surrounded by people who are very good at what they do, and are very willing to share their knowledge and assist
  • An excellent reputation that has been built over significant time
  • A real feeling of belonging, a caring and nurturing family environment
  • Never a doubt that my personal development is important
  • Working with a team in an office environment that I want to go to
  • We have a lot of fun while we work hard
  • People are well looked after and rewarded

Slade Group is a business that I and we as a team are proud to belong to.”

Barry Hodson


“It is not a tangible ‘thing’. I think why I stay, or better still, keep coming back… IS BECAUSE IT IS PERSONAL. It’s loyalty to a man, it’s loyalty to a family, it’s loyalty to a business and a brand that gave me my start and shaped my career. I simply wouldn’t work for any other Recruitment business.”

Cultural Nuggets
“It’s personal, it’s a care factor, it is meaningful. It’s being treated as a professional. It’s treating others as you wish to be treated. It’s being trusted…

  • Empowerment to run your own desk and manage your own time
  • Empowered by having access to the right tools to do your job
  • Further feeling like there is 360 degree back-end support

It’s an openness and a sense of freedom that results from a perceived ‘balanced assessment’ of what success can look like… beyond the numbers. A trusted environment that allows for authenticity.”

Dee Sleeth