How To Get The Job You Want

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Why you are struggling to find a job you really want – and how to fix this without feeling overwhelmed by the recruitment process.

You’re worried about your future. You’re not getting interviews. You get anxious and can’t find the energy to go through the recruitment and selection process.

You have no clue how to start. You wish you could start over… Then, this masterclass is for you! So, let’s bring your dream career to life.

Renata Bernarde


Created by Renata Bernarde, an expert coach and the host of The Job Hunting Podcast.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • How to stop the fear of job-hunting from holding you back: Learn how to overcome the misconceptions that sabotage your job-hunting so you can get the job you want.
  • How to successfully transfer your skills to a new sector, industry, or a new career: Know how Renata achieved career success in several different environments and helped her clients achieve the same with their career transitions.
  • What networking in 2023 looks like, and how to do it in a way that can help you now and later: Understand how professionals get head-hunted for roles they didn’t even apply for.
  • A simple strategy to ensure you achieve your career goals as soon as possible, without guesswork or stress.
  • A quick method to test whether you are right for a job or not, saving you time and energy even before you start applying for new roles.

Why this free job hunting masterclass is so important

  • GAIN FOCUS: You will know what you need to focus on to eliminate the overwhelm and move you faster towards your career goals.
  • GET READY: It will help you understand the importance of equipping yourself with tools and resources to make your professional pitch crystal clear and get results faster, with less guesswork.
  • SUCCESS PATH: Renata will show you her 7-step framework, which has helped many professionals like you get their next jobs and create successful career plans.
  • EXPERT SUPPORT: It will give you the peace of mind of knowing you are getting excellent career advice recommended by the best recruiters and experts in Australia and overseas.

Join Renata Bernarde for this free masterclass to learn exactly how to get the job you want and bring your dream career to life.

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