Sadly the fast and furious route to executive placement can turn out to be like a pick-up bar – full of promise from both parties, though often empty and ultimately unfulfilling. Think Tinder and Good2Go. Urrgh. It gives the illusions of satisfaction but really? Like a three act opera, LinkedIn plays that libertine Don Giovanni, inviting us to freely indulge in sensual pleasures magically solving all recruitment heartaches. Hiring anyone from CEOs to snake charmers, all you need these days is a cloud to float your tablet on, and you have your own virtual recruitment chorus.

Job boards, instant matching and corporate networks; could these inter-party relationships get any more romantic?

Acquiring executive search skills is a long term affair. It takes many years of devotion to the craft of pursuit, a passion for the market, commitment to networking, using the advances in behavioural science and psychology to profile latent and proven talent, and understanding organisational behaviours. Once found (head hunted) that perfect candidate then needs to be seduced into having a conversation about the opportunity and wooed right through to the consummation of the hiring process.

Quick fix hiring just can’t replace the slow burn, the deep enquiry and the working relationship built on strong foundations.

Reputable executive search firms offer a service guarantee, which comes with a realistic expectation that both clients and candidates will be satisfied with the experience. Don’t take my word for it though, I could just be another Career Casanova.

Have you ever fantasised about how easy it should be to find the perfect candidate or been seduced by a head hunter? I’d love to hear about it.

Featured image: Teddy Tahu Rhodes and Taryn Fiebig in Opera Australia’s production of Don Giovanni. Photo by Branco Gaica.