Would it strike fear into the heart of developers and employers if we publicly rated the work spaces in which we spend so many waking hours? Rate My Office comes up with an architect’s survey form, but it doesn’t ask you to name your floor, your building or your city. Why not?

We’re not insisting on working in some Architectural Digest-worthy cool as Corbusier office, but let’s make a stand for a little more respect and improvement in work environments. Imagine a rating standard for the commercial building industry that’s more than energy efficiency related. What would you rate and how would you rate your office experience?

I’ve heard that a scathing restaurant review can bring down a chef, an entrepreneur and a charlatan in a single post. How would you rate your office building?

My rating systems would start off with something like this:

Are you able to access the fire stairs if you want to exercise, rather than take the lifts? Are the lifts smart lifts so you don’t have to waste time stopping at all floors?

Are you proud to meet guests in the lobby?

Is there plenty of natural light and can you open a window?

En Plein Air
Is there a balcony/terrace/outdoor/green space you can easily access?

Is there good sound insulation for ambient noise inside and outside?

Easy access to public transport, ample car parking and disability access? Can you get out of hours access?

Green Space
Is there any green space in, above, surrounding, in view or nearby?

Is the power generated by green energy or is it coal fired? Can different offices separate out their power usage? For example as I sit at my desk in my office on a Saturday, I notice the whole building’s air-conditioning is on. I certainly didn’t turn it on and I haven’t seen anyone else come or go. Can you open a window? Can you sit at your desk with natural light or do you have to turn on the power?

Do you have concierge services such as dry cleaning, parcel drops offs, postage, food and beverage.

Are they clean, well maintained, well lit and safe?

Are the external windows regularly cleaned? Are the cleaning contractors paid award wages, are they the best providers? Are the common areas polished and well maintained?

How would you rate the landlord or agent?

I’ll make a start.

Level 7, 15 William St Melbourne
On the tick side: good lobby, good access to services, disability access, reasonably green, clean lavatories, close by public transport, and good light. On the down-side: can’t use the fire stairs for everyday access, can’t open a window, there’s no green terrace or outdoor sunny spot.

Score out of 10? Probably 8.

If this worked, the army of Davids could outfox the Goliaths. The pressure placed on developers and building owners to meet the demands of tenants and employees, employers and office buyers would make for a better working environment.

Featured image: HOK/Vanderweil Process Zero Concept Building