Best practice expertise in executive search and selection is undeniably important. As leading search consultants in the education sector, we also make a compelling case for the added value of industry-specific experience. The wisdom gleaned from years of being in the actual role cannot be overstated. It ensures a recruitment process that’s more than a matching game – it’s a strategic, insightful alignment of talent with the intricate needs of a school. As experienced ex-principals, Andrew Barr and I can attest to the profound impact that a recruiter’s professional experience can have on finding the right fit for both the school and education leader. It’s an edge that has delivered outstanding results for prominent Australian schools, as well as in China, the Middle East and India. 

With over thirty years combined as Principals, Andrew Barr and I have gleaned insights that are seldom found in textbooks or corporate training rooms. 

We partner with Chairs, School Councils and Principals on making sense of intangible nuances: the ebb and flow of the school year, the granular skills that separate a good candidate from a great one and the trends and forces at play in education. 

But why does this matter? 

  1. Embodied Knowledge: we have embodied knowledge of the role having lived the day-to-day challenges, celebrated the triumphs, and learned from failures. This knowledge translates into a more discerning selection process, identifying candidates who not only look good on paper but who can truly thrive and deliver. 
  2. Cultural Fit: Schools are ecosystems with their unique cultures. An experienced educational professional can assess a candidate’s potential to adapt to and enhance that culture, just as crucial as their academic qualifications or professional background. 
  3. Authentic Engagement: Candidates often report a palpable difference when speaking with someone who has been ‘in the trenches’. This rapport builds trust and authenticity, critical components in attracting top talent. 
  4. Risk Mitigation: Hiring mistakes are costly. An executive head hunter with deep and direct sector experience can better predict how a candidate will perform, thus mitigating the risks associated with hiring. 

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