Earlier this year, Slade Group launched its partnership with Thomas International with a series of breakfast seminars in Sydney and Melbourne. The events, New Ways to Optimise Employee Performance through Talent Analytics, included presentations from Chris Schutte – CEO, Thomas International Australia; Jacques Schutte – Training Director, Thomas International Australia; and Geoff Slade – Chairman, Slade Group.

Guest speaker at the events, Associate Dean (Postgraduate) at The University of Sydney Business School – Professor John Shields, explored the benefits of effective performance management from academic and business perspectives. Raising questions such as Should we even bother with performance reviews? John argues that it’s mutually beneficial to both employers and employees to manage performance, outlining the key requirements for a best approach.

The following videos provide a snapshot of John’s presentation, which can also be viewed and shared on our YouTube channel.


Why manage performance?



Why bother with annual performance reviews?



What are the key requirements for an effective performance management system?



The three dimensions of a performance management system



What is the best approach to performance management?


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