I have a big birthday coming up and it’s not my 50th.  Well and truly a Baby Boomer, the world @work in 2020 is not going to feature me because the immediate future lies with Gen X. I’ve got five Gen Xers leading our individual business units and they run rings around me. But that’s not my dilemma.

My dilemma is the dilemma of clients voiced weekly. ‘We need a changing of the guard, we want the next generation to lead the organisation in complex times. We don’t want to discriminate on age but ideally our future leader is younger not older’.

Where are you Gen X? We know from researching CEO appointments going back decades that the most common age bracket for appointed CEOs is 38 – 48 years of age. Ten years ago, these were today’s Baby Boomers. But today this bracket of senior leaders is missing in action and Slade Group is finding it much harder to identify more than one or two Gen Xers in any CEO shortlist.

I’m waiting to hear the Gen X Ambulance riding through the streets crowded with Baby Boomer leaders, sirens wailing ‘stand aside, stand aside and at least offer me the opportunity to take a single point of responsibility and accountability for one major piece of the organisation so that I’m CEO-ready when the call comes’.