At 8am this coming Saturday many of us will be watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony telecast from Rio, crossing our fingers for only a few hitches, given we’re prepared for some glitches. I’m prepared to overlook all of the recent events (building delays, security issues, disqualified athletes…) that go with staging a major worldwide sporting event for those moments of sheer brilliance we’re all anticipating!

To get you into the mood, check out the brilliant ‘superhumans’ in this video. The Superhuman Band was assembled by bringing together 16 talented super-abled musicians from every corner of the world to re-record Sammy Davis Jr’s classic track from 1964 Yes I Can – an uplifting song which encapsulates the superhuman spirit. The track features Brisbane vocalist Tony Dee and was recorded in the famous Studio 2 of Abbey Road studios. It’s the perfect anthem for this summer’s Rio Paralympics.

Now that you’ve enjoyed 5 minutes of toe tapping optimism and inspiration, you’re well prepared for the fortnight of the Olympics, which always carries unexpected and inspiring stories; names previously unknown suddenly shoot to stardom. However, none of these athletes would claim overnight success, when it’s taken years of endless training, pain and sacrifice, as well as a huge reliance on family, friends, coaches and supporters to get there.

Nothing takes the place of hard work and persistence, going the extra mile and working through those times when it all just seems too hard.  It’s a very obvious analogy to success in the world @work and the extra effort that pays off: perseverance, attitude, focus and belief. They’re great qualities to look for when recruiting people for your organisation too.

So, while you’re watching the games in awe this month, look beyond the performance and ask yourself what it takes to reach this level of performance? Some may come first, some may fail to win a medal, but all participants in an Olympics or Paralympics are winners in my mind.

Where do you find inspiration to achieve success in business?


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