When it comes to Australia’s education sector, it’s fair to say that the current landscape and future roadmap are in a constant state of growth and evolution, shaped by myriad factors.

And the resonance with which it’s been received by the education sector continues, most recently by Teacher magazine, which has showcased some of its key findings from the Index’s interviews and survey of 60 education leaders.

From their infographic, you can see a focus on the importance of career progression versus salary and the desire for professional development.

These are all topics explored in our inaugural Australian School Education Leaders Sentiment Index, released by Slade Group to take an accurate pulse of a sector undergoing vast challenges.

These include the ever-growing sophistication of technology, changing perspectives on the importance of voice and influence within the wider school community, and the contemporary focus on promoting and protecting holistic wellbeing.

Then, to see what other media have taken from the Index, explore some of its other coverage in publications including:

Among the specific findings outlined in the index are:

  • Education leaders emphatically support schools that listen, with intent, to the opinions, thoughts and ideas of students
  • 90% rate culture as a top priority and drawcard in attracting and retaining staff
  • More than half of Index respondents want to be mentored, while even more expressed interest in acting as a mentor or coach in their next leadership role

Download the full Index for more insights or contact our Practice Lead, Andrew Barr, for more information:

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