Laurie Serafini in conversation with Paul Roos

In this podcast, Laurie Serafini talks to business Leadership & Culture coach (and former Swans AFL Premiership coach) Paul Roos about a magic ingredient for success in whatever you do – confidence.

Life can be tough. Work pressures, along with rising interest rates, commodity prices, inflation, floods, the war on Ukraine, the flu, life after Covid… even just living our lives can be hard! You may be finding it really challenging fronting up, day after day, as if life’s really good. Or perhaps you just need a pick-me-up to get back into the groove.  

Joining the conversation with Paul and Laurie are Maureen Hegarty and Chris Mirabella. The team uncover some gold nuggets for finding your confidence – how to get it back if you’re struggling at work or in your personal life – and the power of using positive words around the office or at home to make a real difference to others.

Grab a tea or coffee and have a listen; we’d love your feedback via the comments section below.


Business Communications Podcast Series: Talking about confidence and positivity 

Laurie Serafini in conversation with Paul Roos

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