When did you last have a breakthrough idea about talent? One hit me last week, standing at the sandwich bar pondering the mean offerings left on display at 1.55pm. The hungry had ordered and eaten. It was just me and a couple of younger guys making time for a quick feed in our heavy duty day.

My headhunter’s third eye for talent started flickering. I wanted to interview those guys standing with me at the sandwich bar at 1.55pm. In my mind I’d just tapped into another talent identifier. Big appetite for work, getting the job done, not clock watching, only remembering to break from work day because of a rumbling stomach.

Some people just love the mental challenges and opportunities of work. Work feeds the sense of self while self-esteem is built through achievement. I love big appetites for work.

And most employers want more of those people on their teams.

So for all the significance that psychometric and capability assessments provide, I love some fundamental insights too.

We assess and profile all our own hires for Slade and recommend it for employers. They’re invaluable and support decision making and future development.

But I also still value some ‘gut instinct’ which is really nothing more than the wealth of knowledge accrued over years.

What’s your perspective? What are your assumptions about people, their behaviours and how that translates into highly valued employees.