At Slade Group, excellence is not just a word; it’s a standard that we uphold and celebrate. Recently, we gathered to recognise this at our annual Chairman’s Awards. These awards are provided on behalf of our Executive Chairman, Geoff Slade, and serve as a genuine recognition to those who have exceeded expectations and demonstrated excellence in their roles.

It was a night to remember as Slade Group, Synchro Partners, Interchange Bench, Yellow Folder and TRANSEARCH International Australia – all teams within our group – came together to share in the celebration.

The evening began with a delicious a-la-carte dinner, followed by live entertainment, featuring awe-inspiring talent Richard Thomas and Grace Kingsford, who filled the room with an enchanting live opera performance.

But the true stars of the evening were the staff members who received awards. Each of them has contributed significantly to the success of our organisation, going above and beyond to make a difference.

As we extend our congratulations to all award recipients, we particularly acknowledge Silvana Pardo – TRANSEARCH International Australia Director, who received the prestigious Employee of the Year Award. Silvana’s consistency in delivering outstanding work, dedication to providing exceptional service to our clients, and always upholding the highest professional standards make her a most-worthy winner. Silvana is highly respected within her industry specialisation of HR and her extensive networks sees her refer work across other parts of the organisation. She is a valuable team player and brings much positivity to those she works with.

We would also like to acknowledge and extend our congratulations to all award recipients, who include:

  • Above and Beyond – Angelika Langer-Zindel: Accounts, Slade Group
  • Willingness to help others Succeed – Fiona Lewis-Gray: Compliance and Administration, Slade Group and Interchange Bench
  • Best Cross-Divisional PlayerSandra Brown: Director, TRANSEARCH International Australia
  • Customer Service ExcellenceLindsay Craig: Managing Partner, TRANSEARCH International Australia
  • Rising Star AwardMina Ibrahimi: Consultant, Interchange Bench
  • Best All-round Performer Barry Hodson: Practice Lead, Slade Group

We thank all the award recipients this year. Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, and we’re looking forward to another successful year ahead.