Inspired by fellow Irish expatriates who found success in recruitment, and seeking the adventure of living and working abroad, I arrived in Australia on 1/11/22, an auspicious date if you believe in luck.

My past roles in Ireland had included a demanding position at Market Research Partners (MRP) where I was engaged in outreach on behalf of Dell, then later as a KYC (Know Your Customer) Onboarding Analyst at PwC, which honed my skills in client interaction, interviewing and accepting feedback.

With Australia as my goal, I delved into researching recruitment, discovering that consulting was essentially a fusion of HR, sales, account management, and a lot of personal interaction – key skills I had under my belt. Along with it came the profound satisfaction of placing individuals in jobs that would transform their lives, as I was hoping to do with mine!

Article image: An expat's journey in Australia

Travelling with my partner, our journey began with exploring the amazing landscapes of the East Coast. We went to the iconic Great Ocean Road and continued north on Greyhound buses. The challenges of budget travel and hostel living were real, but our determination to experience as much as we could pushed us forward.

If you’ve ever tried backpacking, you’ll know it opens doors to amazing experiences and lifelong friendships. From incredible Airlie Beach boat tours, encounters with the most colourful marine life while scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, to heart-pounding skydives, and camping on Fraser Island, our trip was a whirlwind of excitement and connections. The relationships we made along the way only added to the richness of our journey.

Cains marked the end of our trip, where I picked up local work and enjoyed the sunny weather while we contemplated our next step.

Melbourne became the next goal, with a chance to reunite with old friends and who were living there, and the invitation to share their cozy apartment.

When I was contacted by Barry Hodson,  joining Slade Group seemed like a natural fit. It’s a common perception that recruitment is simply matching candidates to clients. While that is certainly part of the process, there’s a comprehensive methodology behind it that acknowledges there’s also a journey for the candidate and the hiring organisation. Understanding the role goes way beyond the position description.

Photo: John O'Hare, Slade Group

Guided by our core values at Slade Group, we foster transparent relationships, undertake rigorous due diligence, and ensure the perfect alignment between candidates and clients. Face-to-face interactions and regular communication with both underscore our commitment to customer service excellence.

Working in recruitment has the potential to make a tangible impact every day. I have had the privilege of learning about our clients’ businesses, understanding what candidates are looking for in their careers, facilitating placements and witnessing the transformative power of connecting each with opportunities to grow and develop. My role at Slade Group has empowered me to channel my skills, values, and aspirations into a fulfilling career.

As I reflect on my story, I’m grateful for the twists and turns that led me here. I’m excited to continue the journey in a business environment, making new connections, expanding my professional networks, working with a diverse group of colleagues and making a positive impact—one placement at a time.