This week we did our official Biggest Morning Tea, and it was a great success!

Hosting it at the end of May, we got everyone involved in a Great Slade Bake Off, with our teams bringing in their own baked goods. Although there was some trepidation about what would be brought. We could have been inundated by a variety of banana cakes: the office default. However, when the day came, it was a real variety of sweet and savoury delights from a variety of cultures. Some of the cultures that were on display were Greek, South African, German, Brazilian, Australian (sprinkles, obviously) and British.

The winners of the Bake Off were decided on visuals, with everyone chomping at the bit to try all the great food that was on display. Through a tough deliberation, four were selected: spiced carrot cake; white chocolate, macadamia and raspberry blondie; poached quince upside down cake; and a Victoria sponge, with a love heart in the icing on top.

Even though the food was delicious and a great chance to relax with our colleagues, the real reason for this occasion was to raise awareness about cancer as well as to support cancer research. The Cancer Council really go out of their way to support this fundraiser. We had a colleague talk about the experience of their close family friend who is currently battling stage four breast cancer, which really hit home the pain and suffering this disease causes.

The money we raised this week through our Biggest Morning Tea will help go towards funding prevention initiatives like the HPV vaccine, support services for Australians diagnosed with cancer, as well as research to increase survival rates. For a comparison, in the 1980s there was only a 49% survival rate, verses the 69% survival rate that we have today. A real achievement!

It is great to know that an event like this can help so many people and that we did a small but  beneficial part to improve the lives of others. In total we raised over $200 on the day. This will help fund the collection and processing of samples to help learn how cancer develops. If we continue to donate and get to $250, we can help set up a support group for people affected by cancer.

Thank you to everyone who brought in their baked goods and to those who generously donated. I’m looking forward to making this a mainstay in our corporate calendar.

For anyone who wants to learn more about the Cancer Council or donate further to the cause, please follow this link: