Australian Schools Educator Index

2023 Australian School Education Leaders Sentiment Index

A new school of thought, delivered by Slade Group

What drives, inspires and matters to today’s education leaders?

The 2023 Australian School Education Leaders Sentiment Index was created by Slade Group through a series of in-depth surveys and interviews with a cross section of highly regarded Australian education leaders.

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Taking the pulse of an ever-evolving sector

In this Index, we explored five key themes:

  • Professional Learning
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Voice and Influence
  • Reputation
  • Career Progression and Remuneration

The Index is a comprehensive road map for how schools, boards and education departments can position themselves to ensure they are best placed to attract top talent to guide and lead their schools, and ultimately offer better education across the country.

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To explore these themes in more depth, or to discuss further, please contact:

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