Digital Marketing Salary Guide 2024

About the Survey

The 2024 Slade Group Digital Marketing Salary Guide provides a comprehensive overview of trends in compensation and benefits packages amongst digital marketing professionals in Melbourne. A result of our meticulous data collection and analysis, it offers valuable insights to employers, employees, and job seekers navigating the dynamic landscape of salary expectations.

This study exclusively examines the seven most prevalent and sought-after roles in digital marketing. In addition to salary data, the guide reveals common benefits packages provided by employers. From flexible working arrangements to performance-based incentives and purchased leave, it observes trends in employee benefits and evolving workplace priorities.

Survey Results

Our survey delves into the intricacies of job titles, revealing average salary ranges reflective of roles within each industry. From entry-level positions to senior roles, this guide provides a clear understanding of compensation benchmarks, aiding employers in making informed decisions regarding salary structures and negotiations.

Design and Methodology

The salary survey was designed to capture comprehensive information regarding salary ranges, benefits, and additional compensations offered to digital marketing professionals across different job titles and experience levels. It consisted of structured questions covering key aspects related to compensation, such as base salary, bonuses, incentives, and non-monetary benefits.


“The 2024 Slade Group Digital Marketing Salary Guide represents a diverse array of talent characterised by varied skill sets, experience levels, and industry sectors. With access to a large candidate pool, employers can use these insights to refine their recruitment strategies, attract top talent, and build highperforming teams capable of driving success in today’s competitive digital landscape.”

Losh Pandithasekara, Slade Executive

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